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A fresh glass of water placed in front of a reverse osmosis system, demonstrating fluoride removal for improved water quality.

Fluoride: How Reverse Osmosis Fixes Too Much Of It

| Reverse Osmosis | No Comments
Unless you’re drawing water directly from an artesian well or other non-municipal water sources, it is extremely likely that you have fluoridated water. 92.4% of…
remove copper stains

How to Identify and Remove Copper Stains from Your Water

| Water Problems | No Comments
Most stains on plumbing fixtures are of the dingy or yellow-brown variety. Just as common are the darker and more dramatic stains rust leaves behind.…
cloudy water

How to Prevent Cloudy Drinking Glasses: Tips for Better Water Quality

| Drinking Water | No Comments
Water quality is everything when it comes to staying hydrated and healthy. However, many homeowners struggle to identify the reasons behind cloudy water and whether…
Orange Water Stains

How to Prevent Orange Water Stains in Your Home

| Water Problems | No Comments
Rust is a common problem in homes. It's usually caused by iron in water that reacts with air and oxygen to form an orange stain.…
soap scum

Why is there Soap Scum in my Bathtub?

| Water Problems | No Comments
If you've ever taken a shower in your home, you know that soap scum is real. That's why it's important to understand why it happens…

How to Remove Chloramines from Your Tap Water

| Water Problems | No Comments
If your tap water comes from a municipal source, you’ve likely got chloramines in your tap water. Chloramines are common in municipal water systems across…