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Where you live and the source affects the quality of your water. If your water is supplied by the city, water hardness can vary greatly. c and j water offers a Free Water Analysis for your home’s city water supply to ascertain the hardness levels of your water. This testing will diagnose your water hardness in about 30-45 minutes. We will then explain your results and treatment equipment options.

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Below are some examples of city water equipment solutions that c and j water has installed for our customers.

Carmel water softening soltuions

Carmel, Indiana

This is an example of a customer in Carmel, IN who is on city water. Because they were experiencing hard water problems, they opted to have a twin-tank water softener installed and lines ran to each faucet.

You can see that our installers take care in installing water softeners and kept all of the lines clean and organized.

This water softening solution provides soft water 24-hours a day. Running lines to each of the faucets offers an added benefit because the homeowner has the option to shut off individual lines for maintenance or as they see necessary.

Carmel Water Solutions

Avon, Indiana

A family living in Avon, IN chose a single tank softener and a dechlorinator for their home. Single tank water softeners are a great solution for small family households on city water. It was just the right size for the husband and wife as well as their two young children.

The 30k water softener provides enough soft water for daily usage and the dechlorinator uses activated carbon media to remove the chlorine and chloramines added by the local water company.

A water softener from c and j water will improve city water in any home!

Avon Water Solutions
Avon water softening soltuions

Fishers, Indiana

This customer in Fishers, IN opted for a 24k softener and dechlorinator combo to be installed in their garage. Fishers has an average hardness of almost 18 gpg, which is considered very hard. Chlorine and chloramines are added to municipal water supplies in order to kill bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, but these harsh chemicals are not very safe for consumption.

Having the water softener and dechlorinator installed will significantly increase their water quality. The water softener will make the water better for the appliances in the house and it will be healthier for those using the water. The water will no longer smell like chlorine.

Noblesville, Indiana

This homeowner in Noblesville recently chose to add reverse osmosis to their existing water treatment system.

While water softeners are great at getting out hardness minerals, they won’t remove chlorine (unless paired with a dechlorinator) and many other contaminants. Reverse Osmosis removes 99% of total dissolved solids, metals, and harsh chemicals—including arsenic, lead, PFAS, and PFOA.

Noblesville Water Solutions
Danville water solutions

If you are on city water, c and j water has a myriad of water solutions for your home.

We can help solve all your city water issues—hard water, bad taste, smelly water, or even bacteria, viruses, and protozoa.

Quality Water Solutions for Central Indiana Residents

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