Water Deals

Get high-quality water that’s affordable.

At c and j water we understand that affordability matters to your household.  That’s why in addition to offering a free water analysis, we also extend seasonal specials to our customers. Because want everyone to have clean, healthy water, we also give back through Filter of Hope to provide clean water to those in need throughout the world. Your water problems can be solved with the right treatment equipment and we even offer financing options to help with costs.

You can count on c and j water to find a water solution for your household that you can afford.

Seasonal Water Special

Seasonal Water Special

Every season we offer something new just for you! Take advantage of these limited-time specials and save on water treatment equipment.

water analysis

Free Water Analysis

We will come to your home and provide an analysis of your city or rural water and answer any questions you may have. 

Treat Your Water Problems

At c and j water, we offer affordable, quality water treatment solutions to common water problems.

Bad Water Taste

Bad Taste

Water Odor

Water Odor

Excessive Iron Water

Excessive Iron

Bacteria Water


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