Common Types Of Home Water Treatments

By December 19, 2020 Water Treatments

The Right Water Treatment Solution for Your Home

When it comes to home tap water treatment, there are about as many options as there are brands of bottled water. In other words – a lot! c and j water in Indianapolis is here to help you choose the right kind of water treatment for your home and, more importantly, your family.

Common Home Water Treatments

Water Filtration Systems

Just as the name implies, this water treatment option uses special filters to remove impurities in water. It’s one of the most popular types of treatment on the market today. Why? Because water filters are generally affordable and because they work.

Filters themselves come in many shapes and sizes. From handheld bottles and pitchers you store in your fridge, to kitchen faucet-mounted and even whole-house systems, there’s a water filter designed for your particular needs. The media found in filters ranges from natural elements including activated carbon and sand to chemicals such as potassium permanganate, and more advanced setups that rely on ion exchange. Depending on the size and type of filter you want, prices start at a few bucks and can increase to thousands of dollars.

Water Disinfection

Sometimes, tiny microorganisms can still find their way through even the toughest filters. Unfortunately, many of these invisible organisms – including e. coli and cryptosporidium – pack a big gut punch. That’s where water disinfection enters. Using physical or chemical processes, or a combination of both, disinfection systems kill any pathogens in the water supply. Ultraviolet or UV lighting uses the same type of rays found in our sun to disrupt the microscopic bugs’ DNA, rendering them harmless. On the chemical side, chlorine and ozone are often used to kill them in their tracks.

Water Softeners

Ever heard of hard or soft water? That’s what we’re talking about water softeners. Hard water has all kinds of problems associated with it. These range from causing dry skin, lessening the cleaning power of your dishwasher and washing machine, and promoting excess calcium buildup on your water-using appliances. Like water filtration, water softeners are pretty self-explanatory: they reduce the hardness of your home’s tap water. In many softening systems, “soft” sodium or potassium replaces the naturally occurring “hard” calcium and magnesium, which leaves your water actually feeling softer and tasting better. Read more about the many benefits of soft water. Water softeners are long-lasting, low-maintenance systems that can pay for themselves over time by reducing the wear and tear on your home’s other essential appliances.

The list doesn’t stop here. Other common home water treatment options include reverse osmosis (RO), distillation, and a good old-fashioned water well cleaning. Not sure which treatment systems are right for you? c and j water offer all the right water treatment options! Not only do we sell the parts and accessories you need to get started and maintain your home water treatment system, but we also install, service, and replace outdated systems. Contact c and water and a member of our Indianapolis team will be happy to provide you honest, trustworthy, and hassle-free advice without the added pressure to buy something.

You should want to know what’s in your water. Overall in Indiana, we’re lucky to have safe public and private water supplies across the state, but as the old saying goes … it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Add safety to your home’s water and your family’s health. Talk to c and j water today!