C&J at the Indianapolis Home Show

On January 18-27, 2019, we will be participating in the Indianapolis Home Show located at the Indiana State Fairgrounds – West Pavilion, Exposition Hall & South Pavilion, 1202 E. 38th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46205.

What is the Home Show?

The Indianapolis Home Show is a unique opportunity for builders, current and future homeowners, dreamers, and window shoppers to stop by and see the latest and greatest trends and additions that are available for living spaces. This 10-day show allows everyone with multiple ideas and budgets the opportunity to see amazing construction, decoration, product, and remodeling concepts for their home. We are proud to share that C&J Water is the exclusive water treatment sponsor of the 2019 Indianapolis Home Show!

What can I expect from C&J Water at the Home Show?

We love the Home Show, as it’s a wonderful opportunity for us to meet people like you and have conversations to find out exactly what you need for your home, business, or new construction. Our expert team is excited and prepared to help answer questions that you have, so we can pinpoint the best solution for your water needs.

Our wide variety of options for the water in your home, business, or new construction, whether city or well water will help give you quality water at an affordable price. Some of our products include water softeners, dechlorinators, aio systems, reverse osmosis units, and UV lights. Attendees of the home show can find our products being used in this year’s centerpiece home built by Davis Homes.

We recommend these products for a wide variety of issues that encompass homes with iron problems, water that affects people with sensitive skin, contaminated water, water with rotten egg smell, and certain well water situations.

I don’t understand what those products do or how they work.

We have customers who call us with numerous issues revolving around their water, and they aren’t sure what to do to fix those issues.  Our certified water experts can help you diagnose what the cause of the problem is and provide you with a water solution that can get you back to enjoying refreshing water!

If you would like to take the next step after talking with our specialists, we are willing to go to your home or business and provide you with a water quality analysis for FREE!

The Indianapolis Home Show is a wonderful opportunity for you to meet our team in person, to ask all of your questions, and to gain a better understanding of how your water currently works and how it can work better!