Alien Analysis—Get to the Bottom of Your Water Issues

By December 9, 2019 Water Problems

In 2001, the people of Milk Hill, a remote area in Wiltshire, England, were confronted with this question when mysterious circles appeared overnight in the fields of their small hamlet. As any parent with a kiddie pool understands, impressions left in the grass are not necessarily unique or baffling, but these formations were different. The 780-foot design, composed of 409 circles, formed three interlocking spirals. It was a sight to see, for sure. Crop circles like this one weren’t a new occurrence; they had been appearing all over the world for decades, with no cogent explanation. Unlike other supernatural phenomena, like Bigfoot or psychic powers, the existence of crop circles is easily verified. They are indeed real, but their source has been suggested to be flying saucers, hedgehogs, weather patterns, and even time travel.

However, these explanations proved less than acceptable when it was revealed that two brothers had been making the circles for decades as an elaborate prank. They were inspired by UFO sightings in the 1960s and decided to make it appear that one had landed. This hoax went on for years and even inspired copycats to make circles of their own. The source of these puzzling and strange imprints finally had an explanation—it was all a man-made ruse.

Knowing the source makes all the difference. Whether your water is cloudy, smells strange, or contains sediment, drinking water problems can be just as confusing as crop circles. The good news is we don’t have to spend decades wondering what causes these issues, or how to fix them. c and j water offer a free water analysis designed to track down the source of poor-quality water. Our technicians have decades of experience diagnosing and solving common—and uncommon—water issues. This is no hoax—it really is free! c and j water provide several applications designed to remove sulfur, rust, iron, sediment, and much more. If your water quality is making you feel perplexed, call c and j water today for your free water analysis!