Drinking Well Water – Can It Ever Be As Good As Bottled Water?

By November 21, 2020 Drinking Water

Is it Safe and Healthy to Drink Well Water?

Most water wells in Indiana produce clean, safe water for use at home. Our customers here at c and j water often thank us for the work we do to bring them the freedom of a reliable private water supply. But many of you have asked us a common question: How can you improve the quality of that drinking water?

We’re happy to answer that question, and c and j water finds that just as many of our customers are surprised by the answer: How would you like bottled water quality straight from your own well?

Yes, we can absolutely make that happen!

Drinking Water

Sources of Bottled Water

The next time you shop for groceries, take a look at the different brands of bottled water on the store shelf. Read the labels and see where these companies source their water. It’s an often overlooked fact that much of the bottled water we consume comes right from a well. That’s true even for some of those expensive “fancy” water bottles. When you reach into your fridge or cooler and crack open an ice-cold bottle of water, what you’re drinking is often simple well water!

Reverse Osmosis

So what’s the trick? Install a reverse osmosis system! c and j water can bring that system right to you. Reverse Osmosis improves taste, clarity, and purity by removing nearly all dissolved solids from softened water. Applications can be found in many settings around the world. Wastewater plants use reverse osmosis to purify water. It is common in the food industry as well. Ships at sea rely on reverse osmosis to desalinate salt water for drinking. Even the U.S. military uses it to provide fresh, potable water to our troops and for disaster relief.

Best of all, reverse osmosis is an affordable system. For most water well owners, a reverse osmosis system from c and j costs about $500-$600 installed. For that price, you can enjoy bottled water quality straight from the kitchen faucet, the water dispenser in your refrigerator, and the ice maker in your freezer!

Bottled Water & the Environment

Bottled water is great for drinking, but not so much for the environment. Last year alone, Americans used about 50 billion plastic water bottles. With a reverse osmosis system at home, you can purchase a reusable Nalgene or similar water bottle, and enjoy the best water anywhere with confidence for just pennies. The more water you drink, the more your c and j reverse osmosis system pays for itself. I always keep my Nalgene full of well water from my system. In fact, I find other water, even from those fancy bottles, sub-standard to what I get every day from home.

Safe, affordable, quality drinking water from your own water well without the negative odors or tastes sometimes associated with well water. It’s as simple as reverse osmosis. Contact c & j water about getting a reverse osmosis system installed in your home!